Amazo Justice League Unlimited Dc Animated Universe
Name: A.M.A.Z.O
Origin: Justice League Unlimited
Gender: Male
Classification: Robot
Age: Unknown
Strength Lifting: Tank level
Striking Strength: Wall+ Level
Speed: Light Speed Level
Striking Speed: Athletic Level
Reaction Speed: Superhuman level
Durability: Moon Level (Stated half the earth)
Destructive Capacity: Multi-Wall+ Level

Street+ Level
Planet Level (Approximation)

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient
Range: Multi-Planet level
Stamina: Nigh-Infinite


  • Chaos Magic: It took Amazo time to adapt to a new attack by a evil and angry Solomon Grundy
  • It was mentioned that it would take half of the planet to destroy him.
  • Despite its advanced power it would be no match against high-tier cosmic beings of DC, such as Fifth Dimensional Imps or Monitors.
  • Likewise it would fare no better against true omnipotents (aspects of the Presence) - or even the Presence's children (Michael Demiurgos and Lucifer Morningstar).
  • One of its biggest weaknesses in the show itself was that despite having vast power it had difficulty understanding its new role, thus was far from omniscient and in need of mentoring (which it received from Doctor Fate).


Powers and Abilities

  • Infinite Speed
  • Nigh-Omniscience (Manhunter Powers)
  • Robot Physiology
    • Nigh-Adaptation
    • Nigh-Mimicry
  • Invulnerability
  • Supernatural Strength (Superman Strength)
  • Will based constructions (Lantern Ring)
  • Immortality
    • Ageless
    • Disease immunity
  • Nigh-Indestructibility
  • Artificial Godhood
  • Flight