Approximation is when a value or quantity that is nearly but not exactly correct making it more of a REASONABLE and NON-BIASED estimate basing from whats been shown Vs whats not been shown within a character this method for profiles is different from Powerscaling and Calculations because Powerscaling is STEALING feats from one character and then giving it to another character "Passing" it as their "Feats" and or Capabilities. And calculations is just random math equations that is used to boost characters.


User: Well from saint seiya they are causally Multi-Universal level in durability.

BeyonderGodOmnipotent: Its Approximated that they are Multi-Galaxy and to Universe Level in God Clothes since handling Hades.

User: Ah so they have a Universal Durability?

BeyonderGodOmnipotent: Correct.

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