Battle Field Removal

Battlefield removal (or BFR) is the reference to the act of one character forcing their opponent out of the established fighting area making it a default win (automatic win).

If the battle arena has established physical boundaries that the fighters aren't allowed to cross, then a BFR can be achieved by forcing the other person to cross those boundaries to win.


  • Superman punching Goku out of bounds.
  • Hulk throwing Loki out of bounds.
  • Shishu using his sharingan genjutsu on itachi causing a possession to make him cross the boundary.

If the battle field doesn't have a established physical boundary, achieving a certain BFR is tougher and less likely, but not impossible. Generally, it's done by trapping the other person in another time or dimension.


  • Kaguya/Obito/Kakashi using kamui/space-time ninjutsu to transfer someone into their dimension.
  • The Beyonder forcing/making someone go in his beyond realm where he has absolute authority.
  • The Doctor forcing/causing someone into a time loop.
  • Physical contact with Uboa makes them get transfered to his Universe

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