• Approximate: Close to the actual, but not completely accurate or exact.
  1. Example: "Approximate busting power of Naruto is at least Moon level given by his blast radius."
  • Featless: This means the character haven't shown any feats worth placing but they can be debated on the forum with reasonable given explanations.
  1. Example: "It was stated William Black was a nigh-omnipotent being in fable because he busted mountains and became immortal and learn many different spells and attacks in his universe by Fable Folklore."
  • Hyperbole: This means figure of speech (basically non-sense feats and are mentioned on profiles until proven.
  1. Example: (Good example of how Hyperbole works.) "Goku can planet bust because other characters said so and because its written in the story."
  • Possibility: This means basically likely to happen which in-case it means its possible for the character to do it but haven't shown it.
  1. Example: "Its likely Ben 10 can bust a omniverse by author statements."
  2. Example: "Its a possibility that Naruto can moon bust by his given appearances.
  • Apparent: seeming real or true, but not necessarily so.
  1. Example: "It was apparent he achieved omnipotence...."
  1. Example: "Superman Prime One Million can bust a Multiverse."
  • Likely: Such as well might happen or be true; probable.
  1. Example: Goku being a Planet buster.
  • Assumptions: A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.
  1. Example: Goku is a planet buster.
  • Presumably: used to convey that what is asserted is very likely though not known for certain.
  1. Example: Most of featless characters.
  • Debating Head to the FBO Forum Wiki Board to give a good arguments from feats and or other research.

Note: Every profile will be like this because people can have a nice and peaceful debate on the forum about the characters we do this for because members can debate amongst each other to come on a reasonable and appropriate feats for the characters without it sounding over ridiculous like stating Goku is planet level yet without proof and using the methods of Powerscaling and Calculations.

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