Beyondersbane Marvel Comics
Name: Beyondersbane
Origin: Marvel Comics
Classification(s): Machine
Creator: Mephisto
Wielder(s): Eternity
Destructive Capacity: Multi-Galaxy level (Approximately 1/3rd of the universe)
Speed: Massive Faster than Light
Range: Universe level


Beyondersbane was an infinitely powerful machine created by the devilish-like creature known as Mephisto in an attempted to kill the omnipotent Beyonder which was power estimated to contain fractions of nigh-omnipotence and cosmic energy of the strongest in the universe which would have included The Living Tribunal,Lord Chaos,Master Order,In-Betweener,The One Above All,Galactus, and Gardener so it also included the personification of the universe itself Eternity which he was one of the main power sources for the Beyondersbane, and including all the energy the Beyonder had himself expended after he had destroyed and later created Mistress Death in the attempt to kill him.


The Beyondersbane would only work if a entity touches the Beyonder the moment the machine has its target another limit is the fact it had to charge up and need positioning for it to work fully.

Powers and Abilities

  • Omnipotence (Questionable)
  • Nigh-Omnipotence (Questionable)

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