Canon: Canon means what the author/editor/creators/writers determines what is consider as part of the continuity of their story and a direct opposite of Non-Canon or Filler sometimes editors determine whats canon other times its up to the team of people who help create it and whats Canon.


  • Handbooks
  • Datebooks/Mangas
  • Comics that are within the correct universe and timeline of the continuity.

Series Canon

  • Manga Canon: It's a manga which is canon by default.
  • Anime Canon: It's a straight anime only.
  • Game Canon: The game comes first before any adaptations are made.
  • Comic Canon: The writers consider canon. (like Earth-616 from marvel)
  • Movie Canon: When the director creates a series that doesn't follow a Novel/Game/Anime/Manga as any of those aren't official unless the company states otherwise.
  • Novel Canon: The writer of the novel makes anything canon (as long as it doesn't contradicts anything major.)

Levels of Canon

  1. Canon: Fully part of the series continuity.
  2. Semi-Canon: It is basically half canon to the series continuity.
  3. Partial Canon: It has little canon in the continuity but is still coexist either leading or building up with another continuity.

Examples of the Levels


  • An Author(s), creator(s), writer(s) can make anything canon just as long as it doesn't contradict the main characters, plots and other developments.
  • Companies like Toei create the handbooks for Akira Toriyama and has very little involvements in the books making them Semi-Canon.

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