Causality Manipulation
Causality Manipulation
God Hand from Berserk can control Cause and Effects.
Power/Ability to: Manipulate the relationship between cause and effect.


  • Causality Warping
  • Cause and Effect Manipulation
  • Cause and Effect Warping
  • False Destiny Manipulation


Users have the near-absolute power to control the literal concept of causality, it is the relationship between the principles of cause and effect,allowing them to literally decide what happens and what doesn't happen and when,where, and how it happens and to this they hold the why because they know what to effect and what to cause making iy nearly impossible for them to be beaten.



  • Users of Causality Immunity are immune to this power completely.
  • Users of Nigh-omnipotence are above such power.
  • Users may have to require knowledge on what to cause/effect.
  • Users themselves may be have limits to certain levels of causality or the part of reality they exist in.
  • Users may sometime be limited to potential given effects/causes.
  • Users may sometime create their own cause/effect.
  • Users aren't in control of their own destiny.
  • Users may not have control over beings who are above the affects of destiny or even cause/affect.

Known Users



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