A collision feat is when 2 or more characters collide into each other be it with their own fists,full head, or energy clashes the feat can cause a Destructive force through either energy/shock wave or through straight area damage and since it is coming down to debaters speculating the character's energy output and or energy releasing. The major problem it faces in a debate is the feat itself and since in a debate the feat of how different character's have energy output and releasing are vary in different series it makes the feat inconstant and not usable in a death battle.


The examples below will help you understand more.

  • 1 Mustang Car (Goku) is going 50 MPH at another Mustang car (Goku (GT)) with the same speed they will have the same given damage being displayed.
  • 1 Hummer Car (Superman) is going 100 MPH at a Mustang car (Goku) that is going 50 MPH and will both have different damage given with the Hummer coming out with less damage.

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