Concept Manipulation
Concept Manipulation
The Living Tribunal creates concepts that Adam Warlock with the Infinity Gauntlet destroyed with a snap of a finger.
Power/Ability to: Create,destroy, and manipulate concepts.


  • Abstract Manipulation
  • Omniversal Definition
  • Abstraction Concept
  • Alpha Concept
  • Primordial Concept
  • Infinite Concept
  • Ultimate Concept
  • Idea Manipulation
  • Notion Concept
  • Conception Manipulation


Users can manipulate all existent/non-existent concepts which they can at anytime create new ones or even change those concepts and their definition by whim or replace old ones with new ones. They can warp a universal or multiversal idea and create them out of nothing or from a substance and can make physical or not. As Concepts are treated in many froms from Time,Space,Matter,Energy, and even Magic can all be abstracts.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier:
  • Low Tier:
  • Mid Tier:
  • High Tier:
  • Extreme High Tier:


Known Users



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