Cosmic Awareness
Cosmic Awareness
The Living Tribunal can sense disturbance within the Omniverse.
Power/Ability to: to be aware of threats within existence.


  • Cosmic Knowledge
  • Cosmic Alertness
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Cosmic Recognition
  • Cosmic Realization
  • Cosmic Insight
  • Cosmic Familiarity
  • Cosmic Cognizance


Users who wield cosmic awareness has the power to perceive cosmic events either to the cosmos or to themselves with this they can also feel it through their mental capabilities like if they or creation was in danger they would know where and or sometimes how these events unfolded.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier: Planet to Solar System Level Cosmic Awareness.
  • Low Tier: Solar System(+) to Galaxy Level Cosmic Awareness.
  • Mid Tier: Galaxy(+) to Universe Level Cosmic Awareness.
  • High Tier: Universe(+) Level to Multiverse Level Cosmic Awareness.
  • Extreme High Tier: Multiverse(+) to Beyond Multiverse+ Level Cosmic Awareness.
  • Omni Tier: Omniverse level Cosmic Awareness


  • User(s) are limited to a level of cosmic awareness and cant go beyond the capacity's.
  • User(s) developed this later in life.
  • User(s) with low sanity can be driven to madness.
  • User(s) could and can be restricted by a single law,word or regulation.
  • User(s) can be tricked by more experienced beings into thinking something is natural.

Known Users



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