Franklin Richards creates a universe from nothing.
Power/Ability to: Able to create anything and anything from nothingness.


  • Almighty Hand
  • Holy Construction
  • Almighty Alchemy
  • Materialization


Users of this power has and can create almost anything from artificial,biological,organic, and inorganic from a different method either from pure nothingness or with the need of an object and they can create these things from a infinite or finite element and matter they can create either all new Species and duplicate it or alter it to their desire. Even some Users can create entire Planets,Solar systems,Galaxies,Universes, and even create energy,souls,living, and non-living objects into reality.


Create almost anything out of nothing:

  • Can create anything on a finite scale.
  • Can create energy and matter on a finite scale.
  • Can create various objects (tools,weapons, and machinery) on a finite scale.
  • Can create life, souls or anything biological or organic.


  • Users may have limited imagination to create an person and or object.
  • Users who can/could create large objects may not be a able to have a instant progress and so the object will take a slow development into reality.
  • Users might/may need executive knowledge to enable full functionality of the object they have created.
  • Users may have limited raw power to enable creation process.
  • Users aren't Omnificence because they have limits on what they can and can't create.
  • Users who create life will likely have 50/50 of controlling their creation.

Known Users



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