Dante Devil May Cry
Name: Dante
Origin: Devil May Cry
Gender: Male
Classification: Nephilim
Age: Unknown
Strength Lifting: Small Truck Level (Base)
Striking Strength: Wall+ level (Base)

Small Building level (Angry)
Large Building+ Level (Base/with Yamato) City block Level (Devil Trigger)

Speed: Transonic level (Base)

Low Supersonic level (Devil Trigger)

Striking Speed: Mid Sonic level (Base)

Low Transonic level (Devil Trigger)

Reaction Speed: Mid Sonic level (Base)

low Supersonic level (Devil Trigger)

Durability: Large Building level
Destructive Capacity: Human level

Human+ level (Base)
Small building level (Angry)
Town Level

Intelligence: Mid Average level
Range: Universe Level
Stamina: Supernatural Level


  • Dante was tricked by Trish after seen her face that resemble his late Mother.
  • Dante has lost to his older brother Vergil twice in combat.
  • Dante is notably Cocky and Arrogant in a fight and has to much overconfidence.
  • Dante commonly underestimate his enemies in combat which is sometimes his downfalls.
  • Dante like the other sons of Sparda, if Dante was run out of Stamina, his healing factor become weaker.


  • Rebellion
  • Yamato (Formerly)
  • Sword of Sparda
  • Ebony & Ivory
  • Coyote-A
  • Agni & Rudra (DMC 3)
  • Nevan (DMC 3)
  • Beowolf (DMC 3)
  • Cerberus (DMC 3)
  • Kalina Ann (DMC 3/Formerly)
  • Spiral (DMC 3)
  • Ifrit (DMC)
  • Alastor (DMC)
  • Nightmare-β (DMC)
  • Nightmare-γ (DMC)
  • Needle Gun (DMC)
  • Gilgamesh (DMC 4)
  • Lucifer (DMC 4)
  • Pandora (DMC 4)

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Expert Swordsman
  • Expert Marksman
  • Superhuman sense
  • Superhuman stamina
  • Low Rapid Healing Factor

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