Death Inducement
Death Incentive
Enerjak instantly killing General Kage.
Power/Ability to: cause death either instantly or after a certain amount of time.


  • Death Incentive
  • Death Touch
  • Death Killing
  • Instant Death
  • Instant Killing
  • Death Encouragement
  • Death Encouraging


User(s) of this power can kill almost anyone or anything they got in contact with either from varies amounts of ways either Instantly killing,Slow killing,Period over time and or from Short or long range and possibility anywhere if the level of the power is high enough.



Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier: Users has Limitations enabling the person to die in a certain way.
  • Low Tier: Users can kill them in a short limit.
  • Mid Tier: Users can manipulate fate/life forces to cause death.
  • High Tier: Users can instantly cause Death by mere touch.
  • Extreme High Tier: Users can instantly cause death by a mere gestures.


Known Users



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