Dimension of Manifestations Marvel Comics
Name: Overspace
Origin: Marvel Comics
Creator: Unknown Possibly Anthropomorpho
Size: Universe Level
Inhabitant(s): Living Fractals

The Living Tribunal
Mistress Death
Lord Chaos
Master Order
Mistress Love
Master Hate
Celestials (Race)

Environment: Space
Location Type: Hyper-Dimensional


The Dimension of Manifestation is a uncommon realm inhabited by the unknown Living Fractals who allow the non-physical beings to employ them to fashion a physical appearance in order to communicate with the physical beings such as humans or other such races. The ruler and main manifesters of the dimension is the unknown Anthropomorpho, As it's implied that who ever oversees the infinite number of fractals supplying there services to the abstract beings in question is a major mystery. In some cases, beings who do possess a physical form have employed a manifest body (M-Body ) in order to put in an appearance somewhere without actually attending such as a physical hologram, and the younger fractals are charged with representing them in order to learn. The skill and experience of the fractals determines how well the entity in question is represented. Accessing the Dimension of Manifestations requires intense concentration for a physical being.


The Dimension of Manifestation is basically a dimension where Non-Corporeal beings come to achieve a physical form and avatar to appear toward lesser entities such as humans making it more possible for them to be comprehended.

Similar Locations

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