Dracula Blade

Dracula Vampire Form Blade

Name: Dagon
Origin: Blade
Gender: Male
Classification: Vampire
Age: 6,000+ years old
Strength Lifting: Human level (One Hand)

Human+ level (Two Hands)

Striking Strength: Wall+ level
Speed: High Sub-Sonic level
Striking Speed: High Sub-Sonic level
Reaction Speed: High Sub-Sonic level
Durability: Superhuman level
Destructive Capacity: Human level (Base)
Intelligence: High Average Level
Range: Country level
Stamina: Superhuman level


  • Dagon would need to drink blood like any and all vampires would need to in order to accelerate healing and other powers they wield as for him he can sustain himself for months if he have to.
  • Dagon in battle is overly arrogant and ignorant in battle taking in over to much pride over his powers leaves him in his own defeat.

Powers and Abilities