A Good Fanboy/Girl wouldn't really care and will except the truth when they notice it and wont start to protect the series or character with their life. A Bad Fanboying/Fangirling is when someone gets overly emotional/exaggerated/protective about a fictional or a non-fictional character or series having so much to negate any facts or truthful statements especially in a debate or discussion these people are the fans who are 10/10 to start insulting and making provoking statements at anybody who disagrees with them.

Example 1: Good Fanboys

  • Person: "Lord GT was trash man i thought Toei would do better!"
  • Good Fanboy: "I agree the series wasn't 100% good at all it was utter trash but SS4 was the reason i stayed."
  • Person: "Yeah same here man SSJ4 was the major reason i watched it!"

Example 2: Bad Fanboys

  • Person: "GT was utter garbage.....Goku gets immortality and the dragon balls? what bad plot and ending is this?! this isn't Goku!"
  • Bad Fan boy: "Goku is omnipotent and can bust omniverses! dont be mad because he is better than [Insert said series]."
  • Person: "No he isnt and no he can't that never will or ever will happen."
  • Bad Fan boy: *Uses swear words repeatedly* "You don't know the series so shut the f*** up!"
  • Person: "Goku has limits and died he isn't."
  • Bad Fan boy: "Lel no he hasn't and he died for our sins."

Signs of a serious fanboys/girls

  • Denies factual information.
  • Gives out false claims.
  • Trolls when asked to provide proof.
  • Wont give up without having the last word.
  • Says their series/character is above another series without explanation.
  • Gets emotional over a series without reason.


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