Fanfic or Fan Fiction is when a piece of work isn't fully part of Professional Work Of Fiction and are categorized as a whole bunch of stories. Mostly common in Suggsverse,Creepypasta, and SCP Foundation these can be written either as Poems,Novels, or small stories be it as of may their are derived forms of Fanfic.


  • Fanfic Comics: Fanfic like the Amalgam universe which is based off the combined universes of Marvel Universe and the DC Universe where characters never seen are made by a fan.
  • Fanfic Manga: Fanfic like the Dragon Ball Multiverse series are based off of a TV series aka Dragon Ball.
  • Fanfic Novels: Fanfic which is based off of Harry Potter or Twilight are written in Novel form only with no real pictures on every page.
  • Fanfic Crossovers: Fanfic like One Punch Man x Dragon Ball doesn't exist and thus aren't written by the actual authors of the series and meaning its all up to the writers/artists who makes them.
  • Fanfic Games: Fanfic games can be by actual people who develop games and or write for game fanfic these variations aren't hard to find around other sites.

Good Fanfic

Good fanfic is when the writers themselves follow the rules of writing basically creating a series with Plot,Character developments,Theme,Genre,Character information and so on and with this they are writing a piece of fiction that has no real issues. But another good fanfic writer does is give credits to their inspiration and are making sure that the series isnt official and that and "Official" characters used aren't owned by them.

Bad Fanfic

Bad fanfic is when the writers do not follow the rules of writing either with taking characters of others professional or not and claiming that they are official or creating overpowered characters for no reason (a major offense in writing.) meaning the character has no development or real back story and are just OPed because the writer wants them to be. They are also not highly accepted on any site and thus are treated as a joke around communities.


Since there is so many various stories of Creepypasta/SCP we determined that we will make profiles that are sensible based on the characters.

Fictional Battle Omniverse Fanon Wikia

If you have fanfic characters and such go here FBO Fanon Wiki.

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