Fanmade is a term when someone who doesn't have a company sponsoring them series like Creepypasta,Suggsverse, and SCP Foundation are all under theses even Homestruck and any web comics.


Due to fan made entities like SCP-343 we will edit profiles to be suitable for our fans and supporters. Such as a [insert character] busting a multi-omniverse will not be suitable and will be more realistic to profiles here. Having this new rule will be enforced.

What to add and what not to add?

  • If [insert character] is omnipotent/omniscient/omnipresent then we will need proof Via the FBO Website so it can be publicly accessible for those who want to know more.


Fanfic like Goku or [Insert Characters] being a Omni anything will be instantaneously deleted and will cause in a month ban.

What is considered as fan-made?

We consider anything with popularity BUT anything that is for the PURPOSE of being overpowered WILL be edited by us because they aren't Professional Work Of Fiction.

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