Feats is a term used in debates when a debater want 'visual proof' of a claim be it from a Comic,Anime,Manga, and or Video Game as feats determines the entirety of the Fictional battle more than Statements (Unless its DIRECTLY from the author themselves.) or Powerscaling


  • User 1: Wait....goku planet busts??? i want the feats!
  • User 2: Lol its called Powerscaling!
  • User 1: Uh....powerscaling isn't Visual proof its just feats from one character and placing it with another.....
  • User 3: Well @User2 he is right he wants a FEAT not a speculation/fan opinion.
  • User 2: But goku never planet no feats exist.....
  • User 1: So HE isnt a Planet buster?.....Ok thanks for proving me right.

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