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Canon is a term used to describe official works of a author and or company this means its official in every sense of the word this may be describe in Official Websites,Databooks, and Handbooks written by the varies Writers,Authors, and Artists of the series. This can also include Author statements and or movies they regard as canon to their fictional community like Battle of the Gods was made Canon just like Naruto: The Last.


Fillers: Is the term used as something not relating to the original series aka the Story such as Vegeta's Planet busting in the anime only which was never in the manga series another Example is Mecha-Naruto which was in the video games 1st and later adapted into the anime and not the manga which the anime for Mech-Naruto is a side stroyline and has nothing to do with the Main Story Plot/Storyline similar to Marvels The End Series which includes Heart of the Universe being Non-canon and didn't have effect on the marvel multiverse as so many believed as for OVAS and OVDs see This Page for information.


Retcons is a revise of official fictional work (Comics,Manga, and or Video Games included) typically by introducing a piece of new information (Characters,Origins,Events,Locations, and or Powers+Abilities) that imposes a different interpretation (Rewrite) on previously described story progress but varies within writers/artists. (This makes inconsistency's/Plotholes no longer lurking around the series.)


Fan-Fiction: Basically fanfic is like the Suggsverse series where nothing is official but only to the writers imagination as they are the only beings thinking its part of official works. Dragon Ball Z Multiverse (Fanfic) and other such works aren't allowed on Official Fictional Battle Omniverseas its meant for official published works but the Fictional Battle Omniverse Facfic Wikia is for fanfic stories and other profiles.

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