Name: Goku
Origin: Dragon Ball Z
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien
Age: 30+ years old
Strength Lifting: Class 150
Striking Strength: Multi-Mountian Level (Base)

Small Planet level (SSJ3 Form)
Moon level (SSGSS form)
Multi-Planet level (Assumption)

Speed: High Sonic Level (Nimbus)

Mid Transonic Level (Transformations 1-3)
Hypersonic Level (SSGSS)
Massive Hypersonic Level (SSB Kiox10)

Striking Speed: High Sonic Level (Based)

High Transonic level (SSJ Forms) Hypersonic level (Ultra Instinct)

Reaction Speed: Mid Sonic Level (Based)

Low Supersonic level (SSJ Forms) Massive Hypersonic level (Ultra Instinct)

Durability: Human level (Off-Guard)

Moon+ Level (SSGSS Form)
Planet Level (Perhaps)
Multi-Planet Level (Headcanon)
Solar system level (Headcanon)
Galaxy level (Headcanon)
Universe level

Destructive Capacity: Mountain+ level (Limiting)

Large Island Level (Base Power)
Continent+ level (Half Power Kamehameha)
Moon level (Full Power Kamehameha)
Planet Level (Core Busting only)
Multi-Planet level (Core Busting+SSGSS)
Sun level (Possible)
Solar System level (unlikely)
Galaxy level (unlikely)
Multi-Galaxy level (Headcanon)
Universe Level (Headcanon/Hyperbole/Outlier)

Intelligence: Borderline Level (Education)

Near Genius level (Fighting)

Range: Universe Level (Teleportation)
Stamina: Supernatural Level


  • Goku would need constant help from his friends in combat only.
  • Goku would sometimes need outside help (Senzu Bean)
  • Goku in battles has always allowed his enemies to go full power. (Ex: Frieza)
  • Goku is over confident in battles thinking he can always best the stronger opponent.
  • Goku can easily be killed by planet level attacks.
  • Goku cant breath in outerspace.
  • Goku is vulnerable to Diseases such as a heart disease.

Powers and Abilities

  • Expert Hand to Hand combat skills
  • Berserk Strength
  • Energy Based attacks
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Flight (Ki Based)
  • Mind Reading (Ki Based)
  • Energy absorption (Movie only)
  • Zenith
    • Transformations
      • Enhanced Super Strength (40 Tons)
      • Enhanced Super Speed
      • Enhanced Durability
      • Enhanced Advance Fighting Combat Skills
      • Enhanced Energy Efficiency
      • Enhanced Energy Attacks




  • Ozaru (Great Ape): Base power x10
  • Kaio-Ken: Base power x20
  • Super Saiyan: Base power x50
  • Super Saiyan 2: SSJ 1 Power x2
  • Super Saiyan 3: Super Saiyan 2 Power x4
  • Super Saiyan God: Super Saiyan 3 Power x5
  • Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan: Super Saiyan God Power x10