House of Hem
House of Hem 2015 Cover Front
Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso
Executive Editor Unknown
Executive Producer Unknown
Cover Artists Fred Hembeck
Publisher Unknown
Published By Unknown
Chief Creative Officer Unknown
Writers Jim Shooter

Fred Hembeck

Pencilers John Buscema
Inkers Al Milgrom
Colorists John Byrne

Ron Wilson

Letterers Michael Golden
Editors Tom Breevoort
Rating Unknown
Issue Published Unknown
Issue Release June 03,2015
Publication Order
Previous Next
N/A None


For over thirty years, cartoonist Fred Hembeck has been poking fun at Marvel's mightiest heroes. Now, some of his greatest works are collected in a giant-sized one-shot that's bursting with belly of laughs! Fred relentlessly roasts the Fantastic Four with the help of an all-star cast of artists! Fred wipes out the Marvel Universe in the tale they said couldn't be published! (and almost wasn't)! Even Spider-Man and the Hulk are no match for Hembeck's trademark wit! Plus: a cornucopia of side-splitting short strips from the pages of Marvel Age - and an all-new introduction by the man himself! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR ROAST, FRED HEMBECK DESTROYS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN DIGITAL COMIC #16 - and material from HULK ANNUAL '99; and MARVEL AGE #50, #52, #54-55, #69, #97, #122-123 and #130-131.


  • Hulk
  • Mr.Fantastic
  • Dr.Doom
  • Galactus


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