Hyperverse or Hyperverse Level is a term used to describe as a bigger Metaverse and Xenoverse within Cyperspace able to be a multiplayer like multiverse to Megaverse virtual reality or even a exaggerated Omniverse.


  • Digimon is a Hyperverse within the digital world.
  • Any Online game that has Multiplayer and have characters that can affect the cyperspace beyond into other levels are considered Hyperverse.


Around Vs boards people use the term Hyperverse incorrectly on a daily basis because they think the "Dimensional" bases are connected to real life realities which in the case it isn't the scale below will help people understand this word.


  • 3 Dimensional Virtually Reality (3D)=Metaverse is the Universe
  • 3.1-9 Dimensional Virtually Reality (3D+)=Metaverse is the Universe+ Cyberspace/virtual reality
  • 4 Dimensional Virtually Reality (4D)=Xenoverse is the Multiverse Cyberspace/virtual reality
  • 4.1-9 Dimensional Virtually Reality (4D+)=Xenoverse+ is the Multiverse+ Cyberspace/virtual reality
  • 5 Dimensional Virtually Reality (5D)=Hyperverse is the Megaverse Cyberspace/Virtually Reality

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