Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genkai Naruto
Kimimaro using his Kekkai Genkai


  • Bloodline Limit


Kekkei Genkai are abilities passed down genetically within clan. Kekkei Genkai involving eye techniques are called Dojutsu. Other Kekkei Genkai involves mixing two types of chakra to create unique element, or other body manipulation that are unachievable by natural way. Advanced Kekkei Genkai, combination of three elements is called Kekkei Tota.

Known Kekkei Genkai

Boil Release (Futton)

Crystal Release (Shton)

Dark Release (Meiton)

Explosion Release (Bakuton)

Ice Release (Hyoton)

Lava Release (Yoton)

Magnet Release (Jiton)

Scorch Release (Shakuton)

Steel Release (Koton)

Storm Release (Ranton)

Swift Release (Jinton)

Wood Release (Mokuton)

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