Lord Tirek My Little Ponies
Name: Tirek
Origin: My Little Ponies
Gender: Male
Classification: Centaur
Age: Unknown


  • the only real weakness Tirek showed when fully powered was Rainbow Power (which acted like an extremely potent variant of the Elements of Harmony).
  • Tirek, in his weakened state, required the aid of Discord to fully accomplish his tasks.
  • like any absorption-based entity most of Tirek's powers are stolen from other entities, meaning his base form is much weaker than what he achieves via said stolen abilities.
  • Tirek is arrogant, cruel and dependent on brutality to keep command - thus he is ill-equipped to deal with opponents powered by strong positive-energy or ideals (it also makes him under-estimate opponents).
  • Tirek, as it currently stands, is unable to escape Tartarus without aid - since it took him many years to formulate an escape the first time around.

Powers and Abilities