Love Embodiment
Love Embodiment
Mistress Love is the embodiment of love within the Marvel Universe.
Power/Ability to: be the embodiment of love.


  • Love Concept
  • Love Incarnation
  • Love Manifestation
  • Love Personification
  • Love Realization
  • Love Avatar
  • Love Actualization
  • Love Materialization


Users of this power are the aspect/personification/concept of love itself they can cause love in others or themselves they can cause it in Men and or Women of their chose either from sight and or from a first kiss.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier: None
  • Low Tier: None
  • Mid Tier: None
  • High Tier: None
  • Extreme High Tier: None


  • Users of Unconquerable Will aren't affect by these concepts when they are attempted at inducement.
  • Users of Hate Embodiment can cause the users powers to nullify and be rendered useless.
  • Users can't affect everyone who are on a different level than themselves.

Known Users



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