Medaka Kurokami
Medaka Kurokami Medaka Box
Name: Medaka Kurokami
Origin: Medaka Box
Gender: Female
Classification: Human
Age: 15-16 years old
Strength Lifting: Large Building Level
Striking Strength: Building Level
Speed: Faster Than Light
Striking Speed: Hypersonic+
Reaction Speed: Hypersonic+
Durability: Large Building Level (Base)

City Block Level
Multi-City Block Level
Moon Level (Speculation)

Destructive Capacity: Building Level (Base)

Multi-City Block Level
Moon Level (Speculation)

Intelligence: Genius
Range: Universe Level+ (Speculation)
Stamina: Super Human Level


  • Medaka has a habit of accepting any challenge.
  • Medaka is somewhat afraid of Najimi Ajimu.
  • Medaka has been beaten countless times by Iihiko Shishime.
  • Medaka is unable to learn Styles .
  • Medaka is unable to learn abilities that exceed her physical limits.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Physiology
  • Combat Expert
  • The End
  • Auto-Pilot
  • Hidden Weapon Proficiency
  • Super Ball Proficiency
  • Encounter
  • Scar Dead
  • Ice Fire
  • Unknown Hero
  • Mother's Task
  • Book Maker
  • All Fiction
  • 100 Trample Skills
  • Meta Luck
  • Proof Of One's Worth

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