Megaverse is one of the highest ranked terms/feats within a Omniverse the definition is from Marvel Comics/DC Comics mostly to explain a collection of multiverses within the series to go into detail of the term Megaverse is the many definitions given.....

Definition 1#

Group of alternate universes which are larger than a multiverse, encompassing realities with a certain closeness such as all those associated with marvel (or DC). In other words of marvel (Or DC) is that the more infinite universes that are alternate to the main reality and has a certain change give it Past,present, and future their it is creating a Infinite Universe(s) which can create a bunch of Infinite Multiverses within the Megaverse that is within the Omniverse making the existence of the series Infinite by actual definition.

Examples of Megaverse

  • Marvel having the Transformers and Star Wars multiverses within their company counts as a megaverse since its in a group.
  • Marvel and DC combined multiverses aka The Brothers Yin and Yang counts as a Megaverse because its merging 2 infinite multiverses into a single creation known as a Megaverse.
  • DC comics having Vertigo Comics and other such companies is a Megaverse because both are heavily within ones own series.

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