Narutards or Narutodos is a term used towards people who exaggerates the Naruto series and are hardcore fanboys and fangirls.

Examples of Narutardism

  • Thinks Naruto or others can beat Marvel and DC.
  • Thinks Naruto or others are unbeatable.
  • Thinks Naruto or others can put anything in Genjutsu.
  • Thinks Naruto or others are beyond Universe level.
  • Thinks Naruto or others are above concepts.
  • Thinks Naruto or others can beat The Living Tribunal.


  • Constant spam of the same thing.
  • Constantly use bad analogies from other series.
  • Insults when insulted.
  • They think certain characters are Gods.
  • They troll only to piss people off.
  • Feels narutoverse is above others. (Ex: Gurren Lagann)
  • Would use Ocs to troll.


The Term shouldn't be labeled as a insult its a title for hardcore fanboys and fangirls if someone states that this term is a insult do not worry it isn't because it's used only in debates.

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