The Omnipotence Misconception comes from the definition of the word Omnipotence which derives from not one but two meanings.

English Language Term

The english meaning for Omnipotence is Infinite Power,Unlimited power, and Limitless Power.

Examples: The-One-Above-All,The Presence,Beyonder, and Mother of Existence all wield infinite Power with no limit.

Greek Language Term

The Greek meaning for omnipotence is "Great Power" which is more defined for Nigh-Omnipotence.

Examples: Zeus and Odin has omnipotence (great power).

Misuses of the Term

People who write Comics,Anime, and Video Games sometimes misuse the word and dont give a direct answer to these characters such as The Living Tribunal,Galactus, and Odin Borson being stated to be "Omnipotent" but in actually marvel openly stated they use the term out of actual definition but that they wield Near-Omnipotent power.

Series who states their character is "Omnipotent" and "Infinite power" but have a character actually beat them without the concept of Plot Induced Stupidity and Character Induced Stupidity being introduce is false because in any case the character wasnt actually omnipotent at all.

Actual examples of Omnipotent beings who suffered under the concept of PIS and CIS goes to Beyonder and The Beyonders because at anytime these characters could have wiped out all creation but would be purposely bad written for a interesting story.

Actual examples of characters who were believed to be Omnipotent and thought to be Omnipotent in power is Thanos with The Infinity Gauntlet and Heart of The Universe which the characters DIDN'T suffer under kind of PIS or CIS to begin with as he directly KNEW the power he has but its in his own character to LOSE and with that said the IG and HOTU both having limits on a universe scale as stated and shown and fans purposely Wank lies about them being Multiverse and Omniverse for no reason other than to Troll.

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