Omnipotence Paradox Debunked

Omnipotence can't have paradoxes because the being transcends all forms of logic as a God can do the illogical meaning any contradictions would be logical no matter how we see it since to us it would be logical.

What ISN'T debunking Omnipotence?

  1. God is asked to create a mathematical problem that he can't solve does that debunks his omnipotence? No as he can make this "Unsolvable" into the solvable just by stating "It's [insert number]." basically his omnipotence (+Omniscience) isn't debunked but showing the most illogical situations/problems can BE solved no matter what.
  1. If God killed himself someone would say "God is not Omnipotent!" but God is above and beyond the concept of Death he isn't living nor dead so basically this Paradox is more of a downplay toward god than an actual paradox. (BUT if God does kill himself and actually is dead then YES he isn't Omnipotent.)

What IS debunking Omnipotence?

If God creates a being WHO is basically equal to him then he is therefore NOT Omnipotent since he created a being HE can't Control or Destroy meaning he isn't Omnipotent,Omniscient, and or Omnipresent.


For more to debunking look here at the Omnipotence Debunked

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