The Beyonders are a race which possess infinite power but they aren't Omniscient.
Power/Ability to: have Infinite Power without Omniscience.


  • Omnipotentiency
  • Omnipotentience
  • Raw Unlimited Power
  • Omni-Potential
  • All-Powerfully Dumb
  • Infinitely Powerfully Dumb
  • Neo-Omnipotent
  • Neo-Omnipotence
  • All-Powerful Development
  • Infinite Power Development
  • Unlimited Power Development


Users wield infinite power to their own control yet they are not fully a functional Omnipotent entity and they also lack Omniscience so in a given context but they just have Raw infinite power that makes them do anything their imagination desires.


Similar Powers


  • Users may need imagination in order to use the infinite power they achieved.
  • Users needs experience in order to use their infinite power.
  • True Omnipotent being's can and are still capable of defeating the users.
  • Users can still be Nigh-Omniscient/Nigh-Omniscient but aren't able to be a true functional omnipotent being.

Known Users


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