Omniverse is all of creation it is held within a Megaverse which contains Multiverses which these contains a multiverse and they contain Universes which these universe's contains countless Galaxies which contains multiple Solar Systems which contains countless planets. A Omniverse is truly transinfinite and can house Real life history and characters they can even contain other fictional series.

Real Omniverses in Fiction

False Omniverses in Fiction/Non-Fiction

Levels of the Existence

  1. Omniverse
  2. Megaverse
  3. Multiverses
  4. Multiverse
  5. Multiple Universes
  6. Universe
  7. Multiple Galaxies
  8. Galaxy
  9. Multiple Solar Systems
  10. Solar Systems
  11. Suns
  12. Large Planets
  13. Multiple Planets
  14. Planet
  15. Small Planet
  16. Hyperverse (Cyberspace)
  17. Xenoverse (Cyberspace)
  18. Metaverse (Cyberspace)

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