Pocket Dimension Creation
File:Pocket Dimension Univese.gif

Lion (Steven Universe) holds within his mane a pocket dimension.



Pocket Dimensions can vary in sizes from Solar system to a full blown mini-universe these locations can act as a storage system or a battle ground and can help store energy,people,weapons and or other realms its based on the users imagination and or a higher beings powers. If a user wishes they can teleport a opponent there as a prison and or as a moment of retaining distance.

This power is listed under a type of BFR.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier:
  • Low Tier:
  • Mid Tier:
  • High Tier:
  • Extreme High Tier:


  • Users may have limited space.
  • Users takes alot of power to create such a realm.
  • Users must have skills to manage and control the pocket dimension.
  • Users can only be accessed by user usually.
  • Users Dimension might be home to another being.
  • Users may not directly kill their opponent in their realm either by law/rule/will.

Known Users



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