Power Mimicry Immunity
Power Mimicry Immunity
Superboy-Prime was able to nullify Amazo's power mimicry powers..
Power/Ability to: be immune to be immune to power-replication.


  • Power Replication Immunity
  • Power Copying Immunity
  • Power Imitation Immunity
  • Abilities Replication Immunity
  • Abilities Copying Immunity
  • Abilities Imitation Immunity


Users are immune to their opponents trying to copy,replicate and or imitate their powers and abilities.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier: N/A
  • Low Tier: N/A
  • Mid Tier: N/A
  • High Tier: N/A
  • Extreme High Tier: N/A


  • Omni-Mimicry Users can theoretically bypass this immunity do to them being able to possibly copy the Mimicry immunity.
  • Users aren't immune to the physical touching of Power Absorption.
  • Users powers can still be studied and later on be countered.
  • Users aren't immortal.

Known Users



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