Power Negation
Power Negation
Z with his LHW's can power negate another LHW user by sacrificing his own.
Power/Ability to: cancel out others powers/abilities.


  • Power Canceling
  • Power Cancellation
  • Ability Canceling
  • Ability Cancellation
  • Power Denial
  • Ability Denial
  • Power Neutralization
  • Nullification
  • Power Blocking
  • Ability Blocking
  • Power Nullification
  • Ability Nullification


User(s) of this power can negate (nullify) other beings powers or abilities as long as the victim is within the User(s) affecting zone this power derives from Negation.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier: User(s) can use a object to negate someones power/abilities.
  • Low Tier: User(s) can summon a wave of Power negation from a certain distance.
  • Mid Tier: User(s) can affect the being by simply touching them.
  • High Tier: User(s) can affect the opponent by low,mid, and long range proximity or attacks.
  • Extreme High Tier: User(s) can affect the opponent by their mere presence.


Known Users



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