Power scaling


Power scaling is a debating method used on public forums where it gives a approximation (power boost) of a certain amount of few selected character's of a series mostly Dragon Ball Z and people who debate with this method use this as a excuse to claim a certain characters (fake) capacity this method is used as a illogical method by FBO due to the fact many fans can up play and down play a character and or series as by fans it has to be consistent with its characters. Even when the DBZ series is heavily inconsistent.

How It Works

  • A is planet level and B beat A so B is planet level.

Why Is This Illogical?

  1. Powerscaling is Inconsistent.
  2. Powerscaling is Hyperbole.
  3. Powerscaling causes Double standards.
  4. Powerscaling causes pure Hypocrisy.
  5. Powerscaling is Speculation.
  6. Powerscaling is fan-boyish.

Powerscaling in general is pure excuse to overpower a character that don't actually have the scans to the speculation and hyperbole and is a excuse not to post scans of the character(s).


  • Goku beat frieza so Goku is planet level.

Mostly Used Series

  • Dragon Ball Z

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