Range on FBO is the Travel and Attack Travel of the character basically where they can go like The Living Tribunal range is on a Omniverse range because he is Omnipresent.


  • Omniverse Level
  • Megaverse Level
  • Multiverse+ Level
  • Multiverse Level
  • Multi-Universe Level
  • Universe Level
  • Multi-Galaxy Level
  • Galaxy Level
  • Multi-Solar System Level
  • Solar System Level
  • Sun Level
  • Large Planet Level
  • Multi-Planet Level
  • Planet Level
  • Moon Level
  • Multi-Continent Level
  • Continent Level
  • Multi-Country Level
  • Country Level
  • Multi-State Level
  • State Level
  • Multi-Island Level
  • Island Level
  • Multi-Mountain Level
  • Mountain Level
  • Multi-City Level
  • City Level
  • Town Level
  • City Block Level
  • City Block+ Level
  • Street Level
  • House Level

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