Rasengan Naruto
Name: Rasengan
Origin: Naruto
Classification: Energy
Technique Type(s): Offensive
Derived Technique(s): N/A
Similar Technique(s): Chidori
Range: Low,Mid and Long Range
Speed: Based on the user

Sonic Level (Thrown)

Destructive Capacity: Building Level

Mountain level

User(s): Naruto Uzumaki


Rasengan is high level technique, utilized by concentrating high amount of chakra into sphere and violently rotating it in many directions inside the sphere. Even that technique is incomplete, it has power to grind target and make crater in surface. It can be utilized by one hand, without using any hand seals.



  • It's very difficult to learn and master.
  • During mastering it's use, user probably needs more than one hand to perform it.


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