People will tend to use real life logic within a fictional based series to try to prove themselves right but in real life EVERYTHING is not a fact but mostly theory that are by scientists. Now those who use real life logic be it M-Theory or other terms like to deny other terms such as Megaverse or Omniverse they will use actual Webster definitions than actual terms by the people (Marvel/DC) who coined such a word. And would rather believe in such as Hyperverse/Metaverse which are both by actual definition cyberspace. And only time such concepts that are meant to be used are like Infinity and or Eternity (Concept) both which are logically a fact within Real Life.


  • User 0: "Isn't a multiverse a infinite amount of universes?"
  • User 1: "M-Theory stated a multiverse is 3D dimensional planes so about the multiverse is therefore a fact."
  • User 2: "Uh no as M-Theory is a Theory something that hasn't been proven."

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