Reality Consumption
Reality Consumption
Unicron had ate an entire multiverse reality which includes everything from before!
Power/Ability to: eat reality itself.


  • Reality Eating
  • Reality Devouring
  • Reality Ingestion
  • Reality Swallowing
  • Reality Chomping
  • Reality Consuming


Users have the power to devour and absorb literally everything turning it into a energy like substance to sustain them these beings can consume anything which includes space, time, matter, energy, anti-matter, planets, solar systems, galaxies, pocket dimensions, and whole universes or beyond. Users may have a constant common power of growing in enormous sizes or growth into immeasurable/infinite strength levels and developing incalculable/infinite speeds and making their energy reserves less of a problem every time they eat something that restores them their power back.


Similar Powers

None Known


  • Users may destroy entires universes or even a Multiverse due to their uncontrollable hunger.
  • Users may implode themselves if they can't process the amount of consumption they are doing.
  • Users can't affect or devour those who are Omnilock due to them being outside creation.
  • Users possibly can't affect those who have the power of Reality Immunity.
  • Users might obtain an immeasurable size and will cause an unnatural Big Bang.
  • Users can be sent to a place of Void (nothingness) and will starve to death.
  • Users will be considerably weakened but more powerful if they do not feed often.

Known Users