Reality Consumption
Reality Consumption
Unicron had ate an entire multiverse reality which includes everything from before!
Power/Ability to: eat reality itself.


  • Reality Eating
  • Reality Devouring
  • Reality Ingestion
  • Reality Swallowing
  • Reality Chomping
  • Reality Consuming


Users have the power to devour and absorb literally everything turning it into a energy like substance which includes matter,space,time,energy,pocket dimensions,anti-matter,planets,solar systems,galaxies and later on the universe and or beyond. Users may have a constant common power of growing in enormous sizes, or growth into immeasurable strength levels, and developing incalculable speeds, and making their energy reserves less of a problem every time they eat something that gives them their power back.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier:
  • Low Tier:
  • Mid Tier:
  • High Tier:
  • Extreme High Tier:


Known Users



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