Reality Warping
Reality Warping
Hagoromo Otsutsuki can warp reality with his Creation of all things technique forming his mere imagination (Thoughts) into reality.
Power/Ability to: control the fabric of reality.


  • Reality Manipulation
  • Reality Control
  • Reality Bending
  • Reality Changing
  • Illogical Control
  • Living Imagination Manipulation
  • Living Imagination Control
  • Alpha Bending


Reality warping is the power to create,replicate,transform,destroy, and shape imagination into reality just by the user thinking it. The tiers between reality warpers are so high and diverse to the point some may seem all-powerful.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier: User(s) can affect reality itself small scale and or can reality warp on a planet scale or multi-planet scale.
  • Low Tier: Users(s) Can affect reality on a solar system or solar systems.
  • Mid Tier: Users(s) Can affect reality on a galaxy or galaxies.
  • High Tier: User(s) are either Toon Force level or can affect reality on a universe or multi-universe scale which they are nigh-omnipotent.
  • Extreme High Tier: Reality warping is so high that they seem like they are omnipotent within reality and can affect reality on multiverse or beyond a multiverse scale some are even limitless in this power.


  • Users need imagination to fully control their powers.
  • Users have to have a certain item or a tool to cause them to Reality warp.
  • Users can't affect users of Reality Warping Immunity unless it exceeds the levels.

Known Users



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