Reality Warping Immunity
Reality Anchoring
Superboy Prime is immune to reality warping powers.
Power/Ability to: be immune to reality warping.


  • Reality Immunity
  • Reality Bending Immunity
  • Reality Immutability
  • Reality Anchoring
  • Anti-Reality Warping
  • Reality Resistance
  • Reality Warping Resistance
  • Reality Non-susceptibility
  • Reality Warping Protection


Users are immune to and from reality warping powers but the level of immunity is very variable through the users of this power.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier: Users are immune to planet level or multi-planet reality warping power effects.
  • Low Tier: Users are immune to a solar system or multi-solar system reality warping power effects.
  • Mid Tier: Users are immune to a galaxy or multi-galaxy reality warping power effects.
  • High Tier: Users are immune to a universe or multi-universe reality warping power effects.
  • Extreme High Tier: Users are immune to multiverse reality warping power effects.

Note: Anything above Multiverse can affect the users so beings like Mr.Mxy can affect such beings or worst those with Limitless Reality Warping powers like Cosmic Cube Beyonder.


  • Users who use this power against their opponent(s) that dies when the power is depowered the victim can't be revived by a reality warper unless they have above the level given.
  • Users aren't immune to the concept of death.
  • Users aren't immune to the concept of injury.
  • Users are still vulnerable to physical, spiritual, and mental attacks.

Known Users