Debating in the dictionary:

  1. "Argue about (a subject) especially in a formal manner."
  2. "Considering a possible course of action in one's mind before reaching a decision."

Our definition in a Debate specially in a Death Battle is

  • "Facts Vs False"
  • "Feats Vs Hype"
  • "Factual Information Vs Opinion"
  • "Truth Vs Lie"

In a debate the feats speak louder than a users post because in a fictional debate against character vs character the only winner is the one with the superior performance in feats and sources.



  1. "A exchange of diverging or opponent views,typically a heated or angry one."
  2. "A reason or set of reasons given with the aim persuading others that an action or ideas is right or wrong."

The Rules

  1. Do not insult others over comments its just a debate.
  2. Do not fan boy over a series or characters.
  3. Opinions aren't facts.
  4. Claims without facts/feats aren't 100% truth.
  5. Speculations aren't 100% True.
  6. Assumptions aren't 100% True.
  7. Calculations aren't facts just mathematical equations by fans.
  8. Proof to your claims is 100% Necessary.
  9. Lying about feats is a hint of fanboying.
  10. Official websites/handbooks/databooks are 1st hand sources.
  11. Wikia/Wikipedia are 2nd hand sources
  12. Forums are 3rd hand sources and aren't 100%
  13. Raging over a debate you lost is immature and childish.
  14. Immaturity/Trolling is a sign of you losing.
  15. Breaking rules in a debate is a method of losing.
  16. Forfeiting when challenge and then not providing information to your claims is a sign of a bad debater.
  17. Purposely making Bait Threads and Spite Threads is a sign of your losing streak.
  18. Derailing threads aren't fun or funny its a sign of someone trying to get out of a debate they cant win.
  19. Making excuses are as pointless as making a featless claim.
  20. Making a explanation of how your character wins is a sign of biased opinion.


If you take Online Debating seriously a example is calling others Retarded,Autistic,Having a fetish and other ignorant and immature statements is a sign of you being Salty because you don't......

  1. Know the He/She.
  2. Know what He/She is capable of.
  3. Know what He/She been through

So a word of advice from a long time debater dont be like most inappropriate sites with users who can't handle a losing battle it a losing streak be the opposite and Report and Block them. They aren't worth your time nor your words if He/She insults you OVER A FICTIONAL DEBATE they have a mental issues they need to figure out either by stepping away from the keyboard or doing some hobbies so don't take a ScrewAttacks "Superman Vs Goku" to heart when the superior fighter wins its just how a death battle works not a bunch of Adults or Teens name calling over a simple and single comment.

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