Sharingan with Three Tomoes


  • Copy Wheel Eye
  • Mirror Wheel Eye


Sharingan is Eye technique. Sharingan grants user two broad abilities: Eye of Insight and Eye of Hypnotism.

Eye of Insight

  • Chakra Flow Seeing
  • Supernatural Perception
  • Technique Imitation (with exception of abilities user doesn't posses, like Kekkei Genkai )

Eye of Hypnotism

  • Illusion Manipulation
  • Future Anticipating

Aside from those, user is also capable of using Izanagi (Personal Event Negation) and Izanami (Time Loop Trapping).


  • Indra Otsutsuki
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Danzo Shimura
  • Itachi's Crow
  • Black Zetsu
  • Shijima

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