Smoke Manipulation
Smoke Manipulation
Hank Daughtry can manipulate smoke itself.
Power/Ability to: manipulate smoke.


  • Typhokinesis
  • Smoke Controlling


Users can control and manipulate Smoke itself be it in themselves or from natural resources the levels of smoke manipulation varies between users.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier: Users can generate their own body smoke and need natural smoke to control and manipulate smoke but can't regenerate
  • Low Tier: Users can access smoke throughout their own body without the use of natural smoke itself.
  • Mid Tier: Users can regenerate by absorbing smoke and have the ability to transform their body into smoke and can fly for a finite time.
  • High Tier: None
  • Extreme High Tier: None


  • Users are can be injured or killed when render in physical form.
  • Users who can manipulate air can momentarily disable a Smoke formed User.

Known Users



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