1. PR Beyonder/The-One-Above-All/The Presence/Mother of Existence: Omniverse level
  2. Beyonders/The First Firmament: Omniverse level (Affected the entire Marvelverse and the Beyond Realm.)
  3. The Living Tribunal/The Brothers Yin and Yang: Megaverse level (Beyond Multiverse+ level power.)
  4. Anti-Monitor: Multiverse+ level (Destroyed Anti-Matter Multiverse/Positive Matter Multiverse/DC Multiverse)
  5. Azathoth: Multiverse+ Level (Infinite Dream Creation within another Infinite Creation.)
  6. Lucifer Morningstar/Michael Demiurgos/Molecule Man: Multiverse to likely Multiverse+ level
  7. Protege: Multiverse power and infinitely able to copy all powers.
  8. Spectre: Multiverse level to Multiverse+ level at full power.
  9. Thought Robot: Ultimate Adaptive Armor and Multiverse level
  10. Mr.Mxyzptlk/Bat-Mite: Multiverse level (Casual)
  11. Mad Jim Jaspers: Multiverse level (Causal)
  12. Alien X/Enerjak: Multi-Universe to Multiverse level
  13. Elder God Demonbane: Multi-Universe to Multiverse level
  14. The Chousin: Multi-Universe+ level (22 Universes)
  15. Omni-King: Multi-Universe+ level (18 Universes)
  16. Lord of Nightmares: Multi-Universe level (4 Universes)
  17. Featherine Augustus Aurora: Universe level to likely Universe+ level
  18. Nyarlathotep: Universe level to likely Universe+ level
  19. Superboy Prime: Universe-Multi-Universe level
  20. Gurren Lagann: Multi-Galaxy++ level
  21. Super Shenron: Multi-Galaxy+ level


The list will be updated overtime once we find new information!