Kamome Tsurubami Style Medaka Box
Kamome Tsurubami's Style mark


Styles are superhuman abilities chanelled through manipulation of language. They were created to fight Iihiko Shishime. Styles are uneffective against people frienzied or consumed by rage. Users of Styles are called "Language Users". They have Japanese mark of their Style on tongue. Style can be chanelled through body contact to someone other.

List of Styles

Style User Description
Contradictory Conjunction UserNamanie Nienami
Fukurou Tsurubami
Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
Style to make the impossible possible, paradoxically materializing the lowest possible outcome of a situation. It specializes on use of word "therefore".
Eight Hundred Lies UserKakegae YuzurihaStyle to create 800 copies of themself. Each is able to create 800 copies as well, for a total of 640,000 copies.
Kanji UserSui Kanaino
Fukurou Tsurubami
Style to rearrange and combine kanji freely to create new meanings.
Label UserMomo Momozono
Fukurou Tsurubami
Style to seal their targets into cards.
Metonymy UserKakegae Yuzuriha
Fukurou Tsurubami
Style to take the concept of "oneself" and replace it with another concept of similar attributes.
Misconversion UserMogura Kugurugi
Fukurou Tsurubami
Style to convert words from hiragana incorrectly to change their meaning.
Nursery Rhyme UserJoutou Kotobuki
Fukurou Tsurubami
Style to de-age targets by manipulating nursery rhymes.
Provocations UserKamome TsurubamiStyle to snatch away the composure from opponents.
Testament UserFukurou TsurubamiFukurou's final trump card, which activates upon his death; it brings the moon falling down on the Earth.

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