The-One-Above-All Marvel Comics
Name: The-One-Above-All
Aliases: God
Birthday: Inapplicable
Age: Primordial
Occupation: Creator
Religion: N/A
Affiliation: N/A
Education: Omniscient
Place of Birth: N/A
Place of Death: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Family: Living Tribunal (Creation)

Eternity (Creation)

Citizenship: Inapplicable
Identity: Inapplicable
Origin: Omniverse
Universe: N/A
Creator(s): Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Clayton Crain

First Appearance Last Appearance
Sensational Spider-Man Vol.2 No.40

(October 2007)

(1st Appearance)


The-One-Above-All the mysterious entity believed to be the supreme being/creator of the Omniverse and apparently responsible for the existence of all life in the Omniverse and possibly beyond.[1]

Eternity had mentioned the name The-One-Above-All but it is unknown and not confirmed if it was toward the actual being or a simple metaphor.[2]

Within the Earth-691 reality the Artificial Human Protege had nearly usurped the Living Tribunal position and he stated On your knees insects! Supplicate yourselves before the Almighty Protege! For now i am The-One-Above-All enrage by the childs words the Living Tribunal had Scathan the Approver hold the child as he judged against him the living tribunal absorbed him and spoke "Your actions and intentions are inexcusable! Make your peace! May the One-Above-All forgive you!"[3][4][5]

The-One-Above-All made a small appearance as what appears to be the Legendary Jack Kirby to the Fantastic Four in what appears to be "Heaven", this was at the time of the Thing's death,It was at this time the Fantastic Four were in awe and amazement with Sue Storm asking Reed why she was taller than God and God replied "What you see is what I am to you. Don't Worry. It's a compliment, not an insult." and went on to say "Thats what my creations do. They find the humanity in God."' and upon this. He shows them the comics he created and displayed them instantaneously and as this goes he used a pencil to fix Mister Fantastic's face and went on to turn Ben Grimm back into the Thing as he was once human in Heaven and told him that its all part of a subplot and as this goes on he was about to send them off not before Johnny asked if he had a Gift Shop with this The-One-Above-All replied You kids want a souvenir? Hang on. Let me whip something up. and handed Reed the paper and with this they looked and found the picture was them but older in the future with Reed stating "A Happy Ending." [6]

Upon meeting Peter Parker in a alley angry about his Aunt May the One-Above-All makes his first appearance as a homeless man who reveals himself and offering Peter on going out to eat and Peter feeling very impotent about what intentions this being had and uttered that he is Omnipotent and all but wanted know why everything like fate destined this to happen and The-One-Above-All had went with Peter on a journey about his life of being Spider-Man stating all these people he saved was destiny and within this Peter was left back in the Alley with new foretold knowledge.[7]

During a drinking in a bar a bartender asks the Mephisto whether the Living Tribunal, having created the Omnipresent Infinite Embassy, was actually "God" and so Mephisto would reply, "No, he's not God. He's just the biggest kid in all the playgrounds. And if he knows the Principal, he's not exactly chatty about it."[8]


The-One-Above-All is a being beyond the concept of Personality and is inapplicable to even state he has one to begin with.


The-One-Above-All is a being beyond the concept of a Appearance and is inapplicable to even state he has one to begin with because he can take on any and all forms and shape no matter the size he is a being without a any form be it Physical,Mental,Astral, and or Spiritual and can assume one anytime he pleases.

Powers and Abilities

The-One-Above-All is the Omnipotent,Omniscient, and Omnipresent being who is infinitely above The Living Tribunal and is his higher authority.

  • Omnipotence: The-One-Above-All is a supreme being who wields infinite power capable of doing anything he wants without limits able to have any and all powers he want he infinitely dwarfs The Living Tribunal,Eternity, and The First Firmament in power he is able to create,destroy,manipulate reality,time,space,energy,matter, and anything or anyone on a scale that is unreachable.
  • Omniscience: The-One-Above-All is a supreme being who knows anything and all things to know he is a all-knowing entity which is capable of seeing,knowing, and understanding any and all the past,present, and future events simultaneously as he also understands it he has knowledge above beings who are even Near-Omniscient or those claimed to be Omniscient.
  • Omnipresence: The-One-Above-All is a supreme being who exist simultaneously within the omniverse able to be anywhere,everywhere, and at any place at anytime with no limits or restrictions.


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