The Glory
The Glory Doctor Who
Name: The Glory
Origin: Doctor Who
Classification(s): Reality Warping Device
Creator: Unknown
Wielder(s): Esterath


Destructive Capacity: Omniverse Level
Speed: Omnipresent
Range: Omniverse Level


  • The Glory's needs a new controller and once said controller is near death, two rivals would be selected to fight for control of the Glory, and whomever won this duel would become the new controller of the Glory. Meaning it needs to eventually replace it's wielder's, or else the "Omniverse" will fall apart and existence would end.

Powers and Abilities

  • Omniverse Manipulation
    • Multiverse manipulation
    • Megaverse manipulation
    • Reality Warping (Extreme High Tier)
    • Time Manipulation (Unlimited)
    • Space Manipulation (Unlimited)
    • Space-Time Manipulation (Unlimited)
    • Matter Manipulation (Unlimited)
  • Omnipresence
  • Unity

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